4thg3ar is a Hip-Hop Producer who grew up in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  He was raised by his single parent mother who supported him and his brother sometimes even working three jobs to make ends meet.  He thanks his mom for instilling within him all of the morals and values required to make it through this life.  He grew up in a mobile home and expresses to this day he has no regret of it as he made some of the best memories in that home.  He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he relocated in April of 2016.  The move was an effort to broadcast and showcase his production efforts as well as relocate with his full time job. 

Around sixth grade two of 4thg3ars closest cousins moved in with his family temporarily as their parents were having a home built and they needed to be out of the old house before the new one was ready.  Little did 4thg3ar know at the time this would be the start of his own musical journey.  His cousins would play the likes of Talib Kweli, Mos-Def, Common, and some of the most unheard of Underground Hip-Hop everyday to include the likes of 9th Wonder, J-Dilla, J-Live, Nicolay... Once again the list goes on. His cousins were also lyricists and the more they played music around the house the more it inspired him to wanna rap.  However, this was short lived as he realized rapping just wasn't his thing.  He realized his soul had more of a connection with the beats everyday that they would play rather than the lyrics.  It was that day back in 2003 that he decided he would start producing. 

4thg3ar came to discover that 9th Wonder, who was his biggest inspiration at the time and still is used Fruity Loops Software to produce a lot of his soulful Hip-Hop beats.  As a result, he was immediately engaged to want to use Fruity Loops to produce his music.  The only problem was he knew nothing of how to use the software and no one was willing to show him.  4thg3ar to this very day thanks Elaquent... he says Elaquent is a God Sent Hip-Hop producer out of Canada who he discovered on MySpace Music at the time around early 2006.   He was instantly hooked to the first song he heard on his page which was a 99 Problems remix and discovered he used Fruity Loops to produce his music.  Blown away by his production he reached out to him to let him know just how dope he thought his music was and on a hunch asked if he could help teach him the basics of what he needed to know to start producing his own music.  Elaquent took the time to chat through AOL instant messenger weekly providing youtube tutorials, basics of mixing and just the general knowledge of producing Hip-Hop Music.  Eventually 4thg3ar caught on and Elaquent always told him "it won't come over night" but he stayed at it... and now is looking forward to his second album release "Faith" September 8, 2019!