I'm an Underground Hip-Hop Producer who has recently focused primarily on Mix Engineering.  I have over 14 years of producing, crafting, engineering and articulating sound.  I have so many to thank for my successes along this journey...  When I was young, I came across a producer that helped me to see the possibilities that lied within myself.  Over the years it's not been easy, I would say for half of those 14 years I had to motivate myself early on when no-one saw the potential that lied within me.  I've gone on to create three albums, develop a portfolio of mixes  that I've done for artists, and now I even have weekly sessions with individuals that are Grammy nominated and have various mixing credits for several well known artists all in an effort to help make each other better mixers and engineers. I never thought that after starting off as a producer that I would grow to help craft mixes for other artists yet leaving my human element and fingerprint on their work too. 


I'm a very analytical and technical person so I realized that learning what I know through ear training isn't enough.  For this reason, I also attend Full Sail University pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Audio Production Degree.  I anticipate graduating Mid 2023 and I'm excited for the things that I've been able to capture and learn thus far.  Life hasn't always been easy but I've learned that through persistence, perseverance and determination nothing can hold us back from what we truly want to do in this life and what God has placed on our hearts.  My only hope is to continue to inspire others to pursue their goals and their dreams and have fun doing it too!