"blessings" Music Video

(Feat. 4thg3ar's Mother)

Here it is 4thg3ar's debut Music Video from the upcoming release of his second album "Faith..." which debuts September 8, 2019 on all streaming platforms!! and the Single is now available on all streaming platforms! 4thg3ar first produced the song in 2016, and at the time he was in the middle of moving to Atlanta... The only friend that he would have known when moving to Atlanta faded to black out of nowhere and it inspired him to write a song... "Everything happens for a reason, some people in your life just for a season" This song focuses on the understanding that your biggest blessings can come by just trusting the process and trusting God along the way... and understand that everyone isn't meant to be in your life indefinitely... the greatest blessing's can simply come from remaining optimistic when things always don't go our way and remembering that you just have to keep pressing in life, because if you don't you'll surely get distracted and miss out on your "Blessings..."


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