2020 has been quite an unforgettable year... I had plans to do an album called Summer Waves this year for you all... The video would have been shot in Hawaii.  However, due to Covid-19 I had to delay the trip and album to 2021... I thank anyone that follows and supports and shows love... I definitely always try to do the same in return... My goal every year is and always will be to release a body of work for my fans and supporters... Then I had this thought that since I couldn't do my mainstream album I would take a bunch of different songs that we all know and love no matter the genre and remix them into BoomBap.. defined by Wikipedia as "an onomatopoeia that represents the sounds used for the bass (kick) drum and snare drum, respectively. The style is usually recognized by a main drum loop that uses a hard-hitting, acoustic bass drum sample on the downbeats, a snappy acoustic snare drum sample on the upbeats, and an "in your face" audio mix emphasizing the drum loop, and the kick-snare combination in particular." Enjoy some of your favorites by Megan Thee Stallion, Migos, Justin Timberlake, Jaheim, Amerie, Twenty One Pilots, BabyFace, SWV, and many more!!  Please share to your social media.. tell everyone to head over to to check out some music to stream+download for their listening pleasure this Labor Day Weekend!!! Follow me on Instagram: @4thg3ar and my new page @beatsby4th which will feature lessons about mixing/mastering as well as where I will be posting beats for sale!! Of course since this album contains copyrighted content I could not distribute this to major streaming services... but that's one of the many benefits of having my own website... Enjoy

w/ Love -4thg3ar

Instagram: @4thg3ar & @beatsby4th